Welcome to my web page

I have spent all my life exploring and enjoying the arts, having attended several art programs including computer animation and fine arts at O.U.C. In 2004  I owned and operated a gift shop and art gallery where I sold my paintings and taught art and educational programs to children. My mission was to share an awareness for endangered species and help local artists to share  their talents in the community. At present I am working on a body of fine art paintings instructing and working on a children’s book. I have explored many mediums including Acrylic, pastels, charcoal, ink and alcohol-based pens and oil. I have done many commissioned works of art  throughout my journey and look forward to a amazing future with my clients and friends. I am ultimately a storyteller at heart and love to encourage others to explore their own creative path whatever that may be. For me, art is the language of the heart.  My paintings are a window into my many passions, my faith my love of the planet and it's amazing creatures, my playful imaginative side and my deep respect and love for my family and friends and acquaintances.